Travel to Rote!

Can be complicated, but we can help....

As at March 2019:

Getting to Rote and Kampung Kakak can be tricky for first-time travelers. Travel throughout East Indonesia, is still unpredictable, due to weather and "technical reasons". We highly recommend Travel Insurance for the "unexpected" event. Kampung Kakak will assist with as much information to make your journey hassle-free.
Entry Ports to Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta) have direct flights to nearest Jet Port (Kupang). These can be found on , a pretty good site to get information on times and connections.
Local Domestic WINGS AIR will lift you to Rote around 7am and 3pm (current at 2018). (also )
Our inter-Island ferry departs Kupang at 8am (current 2018.
We can arrange a taxi transfer from Harbor or Airport, by a private driver, we have a special arrangement of 300,000 per car (4 people). We need your assistance in ensuring this is available and you need to contact our Manager Ibu Mince (+62-8133-9698-529) when leaving Kupang. But you also need to advise us of your intention and needs, at least a week beforehand. We cannot be responsible to collect you if you do not assist in this, as Harbor and Airport are both 37km away. Casual pickup from either port will be around 500,000 (if available).
If traveling with Surfboards >1.65m, then please contact us, as WINGS air have a strict policy on board carry. And can be frustrating if you arrive at Check-in, and your board is refused.
Seasonal times for Ferry do occur, so please contact Kampung Kakak, nearer your arrival to confirm details.
Strong winds in July and August can impact on Ferry times, please contact us several days before using Ferry, to check sailing times.  Accommodation in Kupang is probably best at La Hascienda Hotel (check Michael the owner is knowledgeable about all things Kupang
Recommended to get a local SIM card for Internet (SIMPATI/Telkomsel), as WIFI is average reception on Rote.
A late footnote (January 2019) is that Wings Air/Lion Air plan to charge for domestic check-in baggage...