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Welcome to Kampung Kakak (village of the older brother or sister). We are an environmentally friendly accommodation who strives to provide each guest with a unique and comfortable experience. Our aim is to create a green environment by exercising sustainable practices throughout our property. Over the years we have implemented a number of strategies that focus on creating this environment; these include but are not limited to a recyclable water system, solar and wind energy, a compost system and the collection and distribution of rainwater. All of these steps have not only helped us work towards our goal of creating an eco-friendly environment but also set the framework for the future of our Eco Lodge.


Along with our commitment to the environment we also have a strong focus on supporting the local community. The Loedik Village has played an integral part in the formation of Kampung Kakak and as a result we have built up a strong relationship with the people of this village. To honor this relationship, we will be giving half the net proceeds from the running of Kampung Kakak to the Loedik people. We also aim to provide training for the local community in hospitality and hotel management, with an objective of providing more opportunity for work.


We hope that by creating initiatives that involve both the local people and the environment, we will have a positive impact on the Loedik village.  


Our property offers guests a unique and comfortable experience. We have three thatch-roofed bungalows that were built on an eco-friendly principle. Each is fitted with solar power lighting and a recyclable water system. Our premier bungalow also offers a solar heated shower. We are proud of our commitment to the environment and of the energy sources that are available to us. 

All Inclusive meals
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
Bike Rental
Eco Toilet
Eco Shower
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